Past speakers

Politics & government

Mr. Jose Ramos-Horta

President of East Timor

Nobel Peace Laureate 1996

Mr. Anwar Ibrahim

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Sir Donald Tsang Yam-Kuen

Former Chief Executive of Hong Kong

Lord Christopher Patten

Former Governor of Hong Kong

Former European Commissioner for External Relations

Sir Percy Cradock

Former UK Ambassador in Beijing, Former UK Prime Ministers Foreign Policy Advisor

Mr. Choi Sung-Hong

Former Minister of South Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade

Former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the UK

Mr. John Tsang

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong

Ms. Elsie Leung

Former Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong

Mr. Wang Dan

Leader of the Chinese Tiananmen Square democratic movement

José Ramos-Horta

Former President of East Timor

Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Mr. Vuong Thua Phong

Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the UK

Mr. Dato Amin

High Commissioner of Malaysia

Mr. J.Y. Pillay

Chairman of the Singapore Exchange Limited Board, Former High Commissioner of the Republic of Singapore

Dr. Marti Natalegawa

Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia to the UK

Mr. Dalrain Davaasambuu

Ambassador of Mongolia to the UK

Ms. Sarah Wu

Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office, London

Mr. Masafumi Ishii

Former Minister for Political Affairs of the United Kingdom Embassy of Japan

Mr. Simon Smith

Head of North East Asia and Pacific Department of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Mr. Katsuhiko Oku

Former Director for Japan's UN policy and former Director of Japan information and Cultural Centre

Mr. Martin Lee

Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Hong Kong, Legislative Member of Hong Kong

Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin

Former special assistant to the Deputy PM of Malaysia

Mr. Andrew Leung

Former Director-General of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London

Mr. Sulak Sivaraksa

Winner of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize, Founder and director of Thai NGO Sathirakoses-Nagapradeepa Foundation

Mr. Arnold Zeitlin

Director of the International Freedom Forum Asian Centre and Library

Mr. Ken Davies

Senior Economist of the OECD

Mr. Aguswandi

Indonesian Human Rights Campaigner

Mr. Dermot Hudson

Official Delegate of North Korean Friendship Association

Lord David Alton

Member of the House of Lords


Dr. Sabina Alkire

University of Oxford

Dr. Tim Huxley

International Institute for Strategic Studies

Prof. Alan Macfarlane

University of Cambridge

Dr. K.G. Deng

London School of Economics

Dr. Fang-Long Shih

London School of Economics

Prof. Lawrence Saez

London School of Economics

Prof. Michael Yahuda

London School of Economics

Prof. Michael Leifer

London School of Economics

Prof. William Gervase Clarence-Smith

School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr. Fang-long Shih

LSE Research Fellow

Co-Director of Taiwan Research Programme

Dr. E. Ulrich Kratz

School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr. Rachel Harrison

School of Oriental and African Studies

Prof. Hugh Baker

School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr. Steve Dodd

School of Oriental and African Studies

Dr. Michel Hockx

School of Oriental and African Studies

Prof. Arthur Stockwin

University of Oxford

Prof. Robert Barnes

University of Oxford

Prof. Rosemary Foot

University of Oxford

Dr. Rana Mitter

University of Oxford

Dr. Gary Rawnsley

University of Nottingham

Prof. Robert Benewick

University of Sussex

Mr. Aidan Foster

University of Leeds

Dr. Steve Tsang

University of Oxford

Dr. Linda Yueh

University of Oxford

Prof. David Wall

Royal Institute of International Affairs

Dr. Peter Ferdinand

Royal Institute of International Affairs

Dr. Guy Liu

Brunel University

Dr. Judith A Cherry

University of Sheffield

Prof. Glenn Hook

University of Sheffield

Dr. Lei Gao

University of Hanover

Dr. Zhichao Zhang

Durham University

Prof. John Knight

University of Oxford

Dr. Stacey Pierson

Head of Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art

Prof. Chang Ha-Joon

University of Cambridge


Sir David Tang

Founder of Shanghai Tang, the China Club, iCorrect

Ms. Peggy Liu

Founder of Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCE)

Mr. Anthony Wu

Chairman of Ernst & Young China & Far East

Mr. Martin Gillott

Head of Asian Equities of Merrill Lynch

Ms. Nancy Lam


Mr. Jakob Lund

Senior Advisor, Bank of England

Ms. Lucy Porter

Brighton Tibet Link

Mr Guy Stitt

President of AMI International

Mr. Chris Zhou

General Manager of China Eastern Airlines

Mr. John Greenwood

Chief Economist of INVESCO plc.

Mr. David Murrin

CEO of Emergent Asset Management

Mr. Gao Dekang

CEO of Bosideng

Mr. David Tang


Founder of Shanghai Tang, China Club & iCorrect

Mr. Lang Lang

Concert pianist

Grammy award nominee

Time's 100 Most Influential People

Art, Literature & Journalism

Mr. Lang Lang

Concert pianist

Dr. Jung Chang

'Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China'

Mr. Gavin Menzies

'1421, The Year China Discovered the World'

Mrs. Adeline Yen Mah

'Falling leaves'

Ms. Xinran Xue

'The Good Women of China'

Dr. John Saltford

'The UN and the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua'

Mr. Martin Wolf

Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times

Mr. Simon Winchester

Foreign correspondent

Mr. Sunanda Datta-Ray


Mr. Dick Wilson


Mr. Joe Studwell

Editor of the China Economic Quarterly in Beijing

Mr. Dan Gordon

Sports Journalist

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